Ali Sahraee

CEO & President

Address No 3, West 13th St. Qeisar Aminpour Blvd,Saadatabad,Tehran,Iran
Telephone 00982126741151
Contact Person Mr. Amirhamed Rezaei

FEAS Membership Status Full Member

TSE opened in February 1967. During its first year of activity, only six companies were listed in TSE. Then Government bonds and certain State-baked certificate were traded in the market.

The Tehran Stock Exchange has come a long way. Today TSE has evolved into an exciting and growing marketplace where individual and institutional investor trade securities of over 325 listed companies, 38 Industries, 11 ETFs, 175 mutual funds, 105 brokerage firms, 9 investment banks, 12 portfolio managers, 14 investment advisories.

Board of Directors
Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammad PourzarandiChairman of the Board
Mahmoudreza Khajeh NasiriVice Chairman of the Board
Ali Akbar Amin TafreshiMember of the Board
Amirtaghikhan TajrishiMember of the Board
Seyyed Mehdi SadidyMember of the Board
Mohammadreza Sadeghi  MoghaddamMember of the Board
Solmaz VazirzadehMember of the Board
Hassan AmiriSupervisor of SEO
Executive Officers
Ali SahraeeCEO and President
Majid NorouziVice President, Issuers and Members
Ali Abbas KarimiVice President, Development
Ali Alizadeh GiashiVice President, Administration
Mahmoud GoudarziVice President, Market
Ali BeheshtiDirector, Members Department
Shahram DaneshvarDirector, Internal Auditing
Tuba Dehghani AhmadabadDirector, Issuers Department
Mahmoudreza TahmasebpourDirector, Data Center
Mohammadamin GhahramaniDirector,Listing
Seyyed Mohammad HosseiniDirector, Contracts and Legal Affairs Department
 Mehran MohammadiDirector,Organizational Excellence
 Negar Nazari Director, Structured Financial Products
Mohammadreza ShahnazariDirector, Market Surveillance Department
Hamid Rouhbakhsh Amoli MoghaddamDirector, Culture Development Department
Reza KianiDirector, Research and Development Department
Samira KhoshnoudDirector, Equity Market Operations Department
Mohammadali Pouladi BaghbaderaniDirector, Construction Development Department
Amirhamed RezaeiDirector, PR and International Department
Keivan SheikhiDirector, Regional Floors Department
Mahmoudreza TahmasebpourDirector, IT and Systems
Azadeh YazdaniDirector, Finance Department
Mahboubeh JafaryHead, Financial Accounting Department
Soheila MostofizadehHead, PR Department
Amir YousefianpourHead,International Affairs
Bayat Rayan Ins.Statutory Auditor

The new Securities Act which is more comprehensive and advanced than the previous one was passed on November 16, 2005 by the Iranian parliament to support investors’ rights and aimed at organizing, preserving and developing a transparent, fair and effective market.

Under the new Act, the Securities & Exchange High Council (Council) and the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) were introduced and created as regulators of Iranian capital market and TSE has been demutualized i.e. the membership organization entity was turned into a public joint stock company.

The Council is the highest authority and is responsible for all related policies, market strategies, and supervision of the market. The Chairman of the Council will be the Minister of Economy & Finance; other members are: Minister of Commerce, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General, Chairman of SEO, representatives of the active market associations, three financial experts requested by the Minister of Economy & Finance and approved by the Council of Ministers, and one representative from each exchange.

The SEO will be responsible for administration and supervisory duties, governed by the Board of Directors. The SEO’s Board of Directors will be elected by the Council.

The capital stock of the Company is equal to the sum of 900 billion Rials, which is divided into 900 million registered common shares of 1000 Rials each. Shareholders of the Company shall be classified as follows:

Class one: Persons who have received the license for brokerage activities in compliance with the Stock Exchange Establishment Law [1966] or those who shall receive the license for broker/dealer activities in compliance with the Securities Act [2005] and shall be accepted as the members of the TSE.

Class two: Financial institutions other than brokerage firms who shall receive the activity license from the SEO.

Class three: All persons other than class one or two above.

The maximum percentage of shares belonging to each class of shareholders defined above will be determined by the SEO. At the moment no individual shareholder of any class can hold more than 2.5 percent of the Exchange’s total number of shares.

Working days
Country Iran
Time Zone GMT+4:30
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